The World’s Best Baker…Doesn’t Live Here

Tonight Peanut and I were trying to make a new kind of cookie with a homemade frosting.

The 1st batch looked nothing like the picture because I didn’t cook them long enough.

The 2nd batch was slightly better but when we made the frosting we realized the recipe was wrong or had a step missing.


The 3rd batch was left in for “just another minute longer” but we got distracted because today’s date is 12-13-14 so they looked like this.


I was frustrated and ready to pitch them all in the trash, burnt baking sheet and all. Peanut actually insisted that we try again to make the frosting. She has a cooking class so she’s “an expert at this kind of thing.” So we kept fiddling with the frosting for the non-hockey-puckish cookies and with a little colored sugar to help the poor cookies look somewhat pretty, we got something that is pretty close to what we were trying for.


So tonight it was made clear that the World’s Best Baker doesn’t live in the G house. I’m ok with that because even though I wasted a lot of ingredients and effort with these Godforsaken cookies, I didn’t waste any time.


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