Miss You Monday 12/29/14

Dear Mom,

Today I realized I don’t have you to obsess with anymore. Of course I knew that I just didn’t really KNOW it.

Today I had something of importance and I couldn’t call and obsess about it before or after and go over every detail and have your agreement that it was good, or your reassurance that even though it wasn’t the best decision, it would work out the way it was meant to.

And now I wait to see how it pans out and I can’t complain to you over how long it’s taking. I hate to go on and on to other people, they have their own problems or don’t want to hear about it constantly.

Most of the stuff I am anxious about is really not as huge a deal as I’m making it, and a short phone call would have eased my mind. But the phone calls are long finished.

It really is the littlest things that hurt the most.

I miss you, Mom.


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