But I’m Not Old Enough

I’m taking a break from Miss You Mondays. I’ll still write letters to my AngelMom but I just can’t do it every week anymore. The same thing happened when I did the daily blog challenge last year. I don’t know if it’s the “pressure” of the deadline or something else, but I’m struggling. While I wrote from my heart it just became a chore and then it quickly became the only time I wrote all week. That’s not acceptable for me and not as good reading for you. So no more self imposed deadlines and back to writing when and what I feel like writing.

But also because today is Peanut’s birthday and she is finally in the digits that end in teen. Sigh. Shiver. Shake. I didn’t want to be sad today, not even for the 10 minutes to write the letter.

I just brought her home yesterday, how can she be 13 already? I’m only “25” myself so clearly I’m not old enough to have a teenager.

Hang on, I’m sure my tales are going to get better on this rollercoaster life!


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