I Choose Hope


You always know life can throw a curve ball at you at any time,  but you never really believe that it will.  You go along thinking everything is fine one minute and the next WHAM you are knocked flat on your ass. Then you have to decide how you will react to the curveball, what will you choose to get you through it?

My knockout came Thursday when I found out my 18-year old nephew has cancer. I didn’t know much more than he was going to Penn State hospital immediately. That was scary but it’s the best place for him to be.

Yesterday the unknown drove me crazy. I knew he was having tests and the doctors were forming a treatment plan,  but it was still an exhausting roller coaster ride of emotions while we waited to find out what kind of cancer, his options for treatment,  how severe it was,  etc,  etc,  etc. I also raged at God and prayed,  believing He has a plan but upset at the unfairness of it. The family has already had a tragic loss, now lightening has hit again. 

Then finally, we knew what we were dealing with. Testicular cancer, but localized, so with surgery and chemo he has a really good chance of beating it.

Today I feel better. I believe he will beat this. Our family will be with him along this long road,  choosing hope over despair. 


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