Finally a Happy Moment

Every now and then my sweet,  happy child emerges and gives me kindness that I clutch so that I can get through the difficult moods.  These moments give me hope that all will be ok eventually. 

We’ve been running every night so healthy,  home cooked meals are few and far between.  Peanut and I had stopped at Dairy Queen for our dinner and decided to bring home frozen treats.  So I said now watch,  Daddy will decide to stop and bring home treats! 

She laughed at that and imagined what the conversation would be and we went back and forth imagining the possibilities.  It was goofy, but nice because I don’t get to have conversations and laugh with her now. 
When the boys got home,  they did not stop for treats,  which we had talked about that option so we laughed again.  And then Bird took a French fry without asking and just like that my happy girl was gone.  😦

So I wrote about it so I won’t forget. 


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