When in a Funk, Make Yourself Sadder!

So I’m in a funk today.  Maybe it’s because I’m working on stuff for a cancer benefit fundraiser for my nephew, who is 18 and WTF universe haven’t they had enough sadness in their lives, and it’s so unfair and why him???? 

Or maybe because I’m in a strange place with strange noises so I couldn’t sleep. Or maybe it was that I had the bed to myself instead of being on the edge next to this and I’m not used to that.  No scratch that kitty needs to be comfy.  🙂 


Or maybe it was the totally unexpected blast from the past who made a donation and now it’s a little weird and I’m feeling like I’m obsessed to know what he’s been up to. And feeling like I’m doing something wrong even though I told Mr. G.

So I take a break from my Scrappy place and do what everyone does when they’re in a funk, read my previous blog letters to my mother in heaven.  :O um.  What?  Why?  So now I’m crying and sad and reminded it’s soon June and her birthday!!!

But at least I was inspired to write and give you something to read on this muggy Saturday.  And I got to see my favorite kitty and the best rescue cat ever that I miss while I wrote.  🙂  what doesn’t everyone miss their cat when they’re away? What about my human family?  Oh yeah.  Oh look at the time,  time to eat.  Or scrap! 


4 thoughts on “When in a Funk, Make Yourself Sadder!

  1. My Mom’s birthday is tomorrow and I will cry. Main Squeeze takes me to IHOP because it used to be my Mom’s favorite place to go in her later years and get a blintz. Come to think of it, I’ll probably cry into my cheese blintz. Damn, I miss her. We have a lot in common. I do think that as painful as it is and remarkedly unpleasant, crying is very good for you. Gets it out. I feel one building. I have 3 cats in the bed with me though! Yay!

    • Well LD, Mr G would say that makes you a crazy cat lady but since I don’t listen to him I think that’s awesome, the more furry purring bodies taking up my bed space the better! 🙂 Sorry for the bad day coming, it seems lately it’s more and more random things in between the regular things to make me sad. Yesterday I found a blue heart punch on my chair and I didn’t touch anything blue or punch hearts all weekend. 🙂 so look for a sign tomorrow and take comfort she’s watching. Hugs!!

      • Shall I call you Yay? I like it. Please forgive me in that my last reply, I meant to say I’m sorry your nephew is having this fight and it totally is unfair. I used to get SO made at God, but that didn’t seem to help, but I think your blog is a great outlet. I send him all the healing energy I can muster. Please tell Mr G that cats rock and they all help me like yours does! He’s treading on thin ice!

      • Oh Mr G is smitten no matter what he says! Thank you, all prayers are appreciated! I don’t care if you call me that, then I can think you’re always talking about me in your posts. 😛

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