Here’s a Secret

This is for the men. I know your ladies have told you five hundred trillion times, but you are all alike and don’t listen to your lady. Anyone else and their brother you regard as knowing all. So I’m going to tell you the most important thing you need to listen to.
We are emotional creatures.  Sometimes it is calendar related, (ahem) sometimes it’s not. Either way, do not ever ever tell us any of these:

1. What we should feel.
2. What we shouldn’t feel. 
3. How long we should or shouldn’t feel it.
4. You never felt like that.
5. You’re tired of hearing about it.
6. It’s an excuse.
7. We must have our period. 
8. What we should do about it,  especially if the words “exercise more” are included.
9. Any other woman you know/knew never acted like this.
10. You already said you were sorry!  God!
11. Let it roll off our back.
12. Your feelings are hurt.
13. Not this again! SIGH! Eyeroll! 
14. Why are you tired from____ you weren’t really doing anything. 
15. List all the stuff you do around the house/yard as an additional response to #14, implying you really have something to be tired about.

I was going to give you a list of what you can say that included nothing, but sadly we all know you really can’t win with your response sometimes. Sorry but it’s the truth because sometimes we don’t know what we need you to say to us! 

Just remember sometimes it’s not about you, and we are not like you. We still love you when we’re emotional. We still need you…You never know when there’s a nasty spider lurking that only you strong, brave men can take care of in a way that doesn’t involve burning the house down.  🙂 


3 thoughts on “Here’s a Secret

  1. This is very good stuff. They should take your exact blog and put itvon “The View”. I can see Whoopi reading it and I mean that as a huge compliment!

    Men are different creatures, aren’t they? And to imagine they always make more money than us due to having (ahem) “man parts.” I loved your (ahem) by the way.

    Yes, its true, I think this relationship is coming along quite nicely too! Imagine an ear to ear grin and LD is a frowner!!

    Great blog today!👍🏼👍🏼

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