It’s Lunchtime Somewhere!

street rod

Driving to where they serve lunch.

The National Street Rod Association is in town, and if you love old cars, like the original model car, you are in Heaven. This is not a huge city, so most of us are not used to all the traffic, hustle and bustle, and people everywhere and so try to avoid venturing outside all weekend because we don’t want to deal with it! I mean, people camp out along the highway for hours! Every day! Not our cup of tea, so we decided to go to the Chinese buffet so we wouldn’t get stuck in a long line. Our nephew is graduating tonight but we can’t go due to space, so I wanted to be home in time to watch the streaming video. It’s hard to believe he is graduating! He was 1 when I met Mr. G! He was 3 when Mr. G made me Mrs. G!!!!! Why do kids grow up so fast???? We need to figure out how to stop this. We’ll be rich I’m telling you.

So we’re at the buffet restaurant and a couple comes in and the man asks, are you serving lunch or dinner? The hostess looks at him like he has sprouted a second head and says, what? He asks again. Oh I forgot one detail. It was 5:30 p.m.!!! And I already mentioned we were at a Chinese buffet, so it’s always the same, it’s just never breakfast!

So hostess says it’s dinner. Then dude looks disappointed so they sit and discuss what to do. Then they leave. I guess they think Pennsylvania is large enough to be in a couple time zones so they can find lunch somewhere else. Hope they find something soon or it will be time for breakfast. And then what will they do?


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