I Have No Idea How to Explain That

Shocking statement coming….I LOVE MY BOSS! I would marry her! If we weren’t both already married. Or if it was legal to have 2 spouses in Pennsylvania. Or if we weren’t both women who like men. Oh well, the point is I’m happy with my work life again!

I realized I didn’t really talk too much about this transition other than to mention in passing that I started the new year with a job offer that I accepted. Not sure why I didn’t get into details. Now it seems weird to gush about it. Shrug. Maybe it’s just too new to have any good material. 😛

So what’s a positive name for a boss? Is there such a thing???? Suggest away if you have anything. Anyway, her management style is quite refreshing. She tells me what she wants and/or needs and lets me figure out how to get it done! And if I tell her during our weekly meeting that I didn’t have time to get to these 5 things she says, ok, I know, you were busy on these other 5 things. I’m waiting for the “Why are you so slow and you’re terrible at this!” speech I’ve been used to for 6 years and it never comes!

What does come, and has been more frequently, is the comment that whatever project she needs is a great opportunity for me to write. See why I love her? She looks for things for me to write!!!! She wants me to write!!!!! Before Crazy Boss would say, “Well, I’ll see what I can do but there really isn’t too much out there for you to write.” She clearly never read any of the stuff that went out. So today New Boss asks if I could write instructions for how to change our email signatures since we have new colors and a new brand and there might be some people who have no idea how to do that. Here’s another shocking statement coming….I LOVE writing instructions! I have no idea why. Maybe it’s because I like to write lists and instructions are long lists. Maybe it’s because as I write the instructions I realize things that will give people difficulty so as I explain it I feel like I know something. Maybe it’s just the Detail Nerd in me waking up and I get excited telling people exactly how to solve their problem! I also like putting screen shots with the text and drawing little red arrows to show exactly where people need to look. Mr. G, giving and following directions is not the same as giving and following instructions so just be quiet and go back to yelling at the TV and the Orioles that can’t hear you.

I happily spent the afternoon writing the email signature instructions. (Once I figured out where in Outlook that was. Hey if you don’t use how to bookthings frequently….!) But here’s what I’m afraid of. New Boss just joined the “Yay, she’s a teenager” club. I’m afraid she is going to ask me how to understand/talk to/get along with/insert any other thing I’ve complained about here for her daughter.

If you’ve read any of this blog you’ll know I have no idea how to explain that! Besides, I only have one thing to list that might work, remain in a drunken stupor, and that isn’t appropriate for the workplace.


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