Kids to the Rescue Again!

I noticed I’ve been writing every other day for a couple weeks. I was restless today and not really feeling any of the idea notes from the week so I was thinking I would probably mess up my “schedule” already when I was just getting back in a regular groove. I don’t want to do that!

I was in my scrap room ignoring all my scrap stuff and stalking Facebook for new event attendees, and stalking WordPress for new posts from you know who 😛 but also someone else awesome I just found Elm and looking at quotes on Pinterest about teenage love because damn it I can’t stop checking his Facebook page and almost friend requesting him even though I should be like ha see what you gave up you should be begging me to let you be my friend! Then I was getting mad because I only opened an account so that I could spread the word about my fundraiser so why do I care what people are doing and who my friends are or are not!  Facebook must be partnered with Target with the mind control and loss of free will thing that goes on.

So I found a quote about that (teenage love and moving on in case you fell off the rant train) but wasn’t really feeling that either….and then my kids came to the rescue. You can read about  another time Bird and his friends did that here.

Sounds of struggle.
“STOP IT!!!”

And then the Writing Muse Angels of Pinterest appeared singing Hallelujah as they presented my idea.


Which is probably good because livingdilbert and Elm have enough problems without worrying about some weird gray hair hating blogger stalking them. Don’t worry, I’m sure there’s a Target near LD and Elm is “across the pond” so I would be distracted from LD and too busy trying to find British groups to join on Facebook to worry about… What was I talking about?


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