Madam President

This was a conversation a few minutes ago:
Mr. G to Peanut: Get off the phone and get a shower before the storms hit again! 
Peanut:I KNOWWWWWWW!  (common response to everything she deems a lecture.)
Mr. G: Yeah you know everything,  you should be the President.
Peanut: I KNOWWWWWWW!  (trying not to laugh)
Mr. G: And BFF that you’re talking to can be your First Friend!
Peanut: Ha. Ha. 😐

Glad he can make her laugh these days even if it is forced!

P.S. Still keeping the every other day schedule! Not sure why but I’m trying to do that all month so I can be happy I met my goal.  🙂 Hey, I have a teenager, I need to take happiness whenever I can get it!


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