Cloudy with a Chance of Color


Not a white shirt anymore!

OMG. If you have never participated in a color run, you absolutely MUST do so at the first opportunity! The true fanatics run, the other 6 people walk.  Every kilometer, you pass people trying to pelt you with colored powder. If you run they throw harder or chase you and try to hug you to properly show you passed that station! If you walk it’s not as much fun because you’re just walking through a cloud so it doesn’t settle on you as much. 


Aftermath when you run past

So I am not a fanatic but apparently Peanut is and was chiding me for not walking fast enough in her opinion. I had told her she had to stay with me until I found someone I knew, which I soon found out needed to be more specific and not just someone I would say hi to. I’m the meanest mother on the planet. I KNOWWWWWWW!!!!! So as soon as I made the mistake of saying hello to someone from Bird’s daycare she announced “OK Mom see ya at the finish line!” and took off!  So there went my dream of our loving bonding moment strolling hand in hand talking about the silly runners and taking all kinds of funny pictures as we went along. 


Heading into the pink

So at least she listened and waited.  Stinker came in 35th out of 268! I didn’t fare so well because I ended up chatting with the lady I said hi to who I actually did know and her friend, and because I kept stopping to take fun pictures. I didn’t care about my place, I was just lost in the moment having fun. I did run through the color stations at least!  🙂  And I wasn’t last!!!

I don’t know yet how much was raised,  but there were about 100 people who just showed up today! All proceeds will go to the Penn State Hershey Four Diamonds Fund, in honor of Nephew.  This fund is completely funded by donations and pays 100% of medical bills for pediatric cancer patients. The organizer is just 21 and had never done this before, but it looked like she has done it for years! She did an amazing job and the race was a lot of fun, even for us boring slow pokes who took too long and brought up the end of the line.


What? I can't hear blue!


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