Poor Bear and My Readers

Thank the Lord!!! The goofy self-imposed writing every other day this month challenge is over!!!!  If I’ve learned anything from this is I can more easily deal with challenges I get paid for. Oh that sounds a little bad doesn’t it???? Oh well, it will add character. Thanks for reading and humoring me with my ramblings this month!

I apparently write like I scrapbook… Whatever I feel like and sometimes out of order and sometimes it’s what I planned when it’s done and sometimes it’s not. Sometimes I wish my allotted time was longer, sometimes I’m glad it’s over. The only problem with this is sometimes old pages are next to new and it makes me cringe. But I don’t go back and change the pages because they show how much I’ve grown.

I was kicking around another Here’s a Secret list for the workplace, or a funny story about Bird and him killing bugs on Father’s Day (so appropriate since I call him Bird and they eat bugs!!! I know right????) But neither of them truly appealed to me. So then I thought why not post my very first published story? Yeah, that’s the ticket. Showing my age there yes, maybe you won’t notice.

So back in the day (Oops I did it again! Twice! Ha!) there was a special edition of the evening newspaper printed on Saturday I think that was just for kids, called the “Junior Dispatch.” Yes it’s true, I was published in such a prestigious sounding publication!

I know I still have it but have no idea where it is, so sadly I can’t share my actual story, I can only share it as best I can from memory. I know but it will still be worth it I promise.

“How the Bear Lost His Tail”
By 8 year old (approximately) Yay.

Did you ever wonder why a bear has a short tail? Well I am going to tell you.

One day a bear was running around in the forest and got really tired. He didn’t want the hunters to see his long tail and chase him, so he sat down with his tail tucked into a groundhog hole. Well the groundhog thought it was a treat so he bit it. The bear’s tail got bitten off! Bear ran away and that is why bears have short tails!

Thanks for sharing you say?  You’re welcome!  😛


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