Glad She Cleared That Up

Mr. G. ran off to freedom went to the sprint car races, so I took kiddos to a local sandwich/ice cream shop because I’m so mean to them and don’t feel like cooking on weekends, or heating up the oven when it’s 500 degrees out. They don’t have servers so you get the little light up buzzy thing when your food is ready.

I was playing cards on my phone and suddenly I heard BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ and jumped about 10 feet, which made Peanut crack up. She said, “OMG MOM! Why do you always jump like that??? You KNOW it goes off like that!!!!” I was spared the eye roll and full yelling I usually get, so it really must have looked funny. At least I bit back the scream.

I said, “You haven’t laughed like that with me in a long time.” Moms say stupid stuff like that because we’re not used to our teens laughing in our presence and so we become teen-socially awkward, and for some reason need to reaffirm how much they hate us by making them respond to stupid statements with hateful answers. Just a warning to those who aren’t there yet. You’re welcome! 😛

She said, “Because you annoy me.”

Yeah, tell me something I don’t know.

“But everyone annoys me, it’s not just you. But mostly you.”

Glad she kept talking to clear that up for me.


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