You’re Not Old Enough for Age to Just be a Number

Usually Peanut is the only “young teenager” at family parties, so that makes it a little boring for her. But on the Fourth, we went to Nephew’s graduation party where there was family of course and lots of Nephew’s friends, his parents’ friends, basketball coaches and players, etc., etc., etc.! We also got to meet two new families who became friends with Nephew because unfortunately they too have teenagers who have been touched by cancer. Sad that they understand what Nephew is going through, but as Nephew’s Dad (my brother-in-law) said, all the people gathered there would provide tremendous support and love to them as they have to his son and we will all have their backs as they take this journey.

So I’m talking to some friends and Peanut comes running up to me and squeals, “OMG MOM!!!! There’s a boy here who is really hot!!!!!”

Friend Husband replies, “Oh is he sweaty because it’s hot?” YES!!!! That is EXACTLY the kind of snappy comeback I need! Wonder if Friend Wife would let me borrow him for the next 7 years or so. Hmm. Have to ponder how to propose that.

Anyway, we found out he is going into 10th grade and while he was cute (and I feel weird thinking that!), I said, “Well, he’s probably a little old for you.” To which the smarty pants reminded me that Daddy is WAYYYY older than me! (Yes, but not WAYYYY, just Way. 😛 ) And I replied, “Ummm, I met Daddy when I was 27, sooooo, that’s a little different.” She clearly didn’t agree because she proceeded to look at him as secretly as possible while she pretended to talk to me and Friends. I swear he was secretly looking at her too!

It was a little odd watching her watching him to see if he was watching her. She was brushing her hair a lot and smiling and randomly walking around, and I remembered things I had done when I had crushes to make myself more noticeable and to feel prettier and have more confidence. She didn’t really seem to need the confidence though, she seemed to already be comfortable in her own skin. I’m glad for that, but not ready yet either.

Yes, age is just a number but not at this time! And let’s go back to thinking the definition of hot is related to temperature. Besides I thought we agreed she was waiting until she was 50 to start liking boys. By then I’ll be old enough to not be able to see her flirting so I won’t be bothered by what she’s doing and who she’s talking to.


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