Don’t Know Which is Worse

It was a mostly crappy day, though I got to flirt with my Woman Crush Living Dilbert and she flirted back!!! 🙂 Hope you don’t mind Living Dilbert’s Main Squeeze, I’m guessing you won’t if you are like most men. So that made it a little better. 😛

I’ve noticed lately that when I’m feeling sad I have been pulling those pesky grays out so I can hear Angel Mom’s voice and imagine a conversation about what’s bothering me like everyone else gets to have.

I have also noticed that I seem to have enough gray hairs that I would have plenty to pull for 50 years! How is that possible??? I just pulled a bunch yesterday and then today it was like I hadn’t!!! And that’s just the ones I could see!!!! I don’t even know what the back of my head looks like!!!

So I don’t know which is worse… that I imagine talking to Angel Mom while I pull the hairs she never even so much as colored when they sprouted all over her head, (I may be guilty of that too…)  that I pull 5,000 out and there’s 10,000 a second later, or that I felt it was worthy to write about!

I’m blaming Living Dilbert for getting me all flustered. 😛 I have to, Peanut left me alone tonight so I didn’t have any teenager related stress.


8 thoughts on “Don’t Know Which is Worse

  1. I miss my mom too – I talk to her too. I don’t pull my gray, but for the first time ever, I put a cool blue and teal streak in and it cheers me a bit. I have more salt than pepper these days, so I must take more after my dad in that way. I really like the name Angel Mom. My sweet little mama died (God, I still have trouble writing that word.) at 77 and barely had a gray hair and she wanted it because she that it was pretty! I’m so sorry you miss your mom too. Not sure where you are, but so wish I could give you a hug. You keep talking to her. I do. Maybe our Angel Moms are smiling down on us and talking about our pretty gray hair.

      • Don’t say or write it… I should have passed away. I was sitting in bed with Main Squeeze responding (much to MS’s approval and encouragement in a nice way) and I swear I typed “that” word…then backspaced over it, then typed it, then backspaced…then typed it. I do not want to take from your loss, but only try to help. That reminds me. I want to send you an article that I found very helpful to me – best I’ve ever seen in grief AND it’s pretty Living Dilbert straight talk. I had it saved in my bookmarks at work and I’d read it at least once a month. As you read, hitting me more recently was the sudden, tragic, senseless loss of Best Friend, but as Therapist says “Loss brings up loss.” Ain’t that the fucking truth! I may get the nerve to send you the article to your contact email from my very own email. I hope I can find the article…..I’m determined for my new, close friend Yay.

      • Don’t apologize LD. I don’t look at it as you taking from my loss…anyone that reaches out about it is trying to help. Believe me if someone really could take from my loss so it would get better I would welcome that! They wouldn’t even get to complete the sentence!!!! I never heard that phrase but damn it’s true. 😦 Even if it’s not loss from a physical death. I saw an article on Facebook (but you can Google it I’m sure and find others) about people getting tattoos of semicolons. It was quite interesting and may help you somehow. We also share that connection as my grandfather couldn’t bear to live after my grandmother passed away. 😦

        Well now that I depressed everyone…! Guess I’ll have to post something funny!

      • Honey, yes….I’ve heard of The Semicolon Project…and I fully support it. I have a BIG birthday (makes me literally shudder a bit) coming up in August and I’m considering THREE tattoos that have great meaning and the semicolon is one. It means…you are an unfinished life…you aren’t done yet!!! Just as a semicolon means the author is not done with their thought in a sentence. It’s powerful.

      • LD, do you believe in signs? You were part of one… 😇 seriously. I said to mom if you want me to get a tattoo for you send me a like or comment… and then you liked AND commented and we had talked about tattoos earlier so it’s even crazier! 😱 I’m serious!!!

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