Glad He Cleared That Up

I  have been taking Bird to daycare so Mr. G can go to work at the ungodly hour of too early to be awake. I don’t even try to understand why he chooses to waste perfectly good sleeping time anymore.

So anyway Bird is his father’s son and is always “Hooray!!! It’s a new day!!!!” and chattering away and I’m just… not like them. 😛

He’s talking about all the random things that will never happen but would be most excellent and cool if they did that 9-year-olds think about when they are not farting and burping. I’m driving, half listening thinking about how soon I will be with my love, Mr. Coffee.

So Bird suddenly stops talking about giant flying spiders that can change into robots and tells me to look at the moon,  it’s cool!  I am passing a park with a lot of trees at the roadway so naturally I say where is it? 

Suppressing a sigh that would have made Peanut proud he says, “Up in the sky.”

Oh. Again, glad that was cleared up for me!


One thought on “Glad He Cleared That Up

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