I Know Two Languages

I don’t want to brag but I know two languages and I learned the second really quickly. I’m talking overnight quickly.

My native language is one that sounds like lecturing to Peanut and which receives a yelled response. I guess my second language sounds like mumbo jumbo to her, and forces her to guess what I mean, and she yells a response so it looks like she’s listening. Asking me to translate would require her talking to me, and you know how she feels about that!

Today she went to the pool with a friend. I said, “Please don’t eat a lot after 4 because we’ll eat dinner around 5 or 5:30.”

She yelled OK so I thought I was speaking in lecture language. Nope.

So we sit down to Mr. G’s grilled fish and shrimp and homemade mac and cheese, all things we haven’t had in a long time. Even Furbaby G was quite alert and “talking” about how good it smelled.

Peanut takes 3 bites and declares the fish dry, the shrimp greasy, and the mac and cheese “different.” This brings quite a lot of grownup eye rolling, and Bird declaring he likes the fishy though he does agree that the shrimp are greasy and he can’t eat it with the head on, it’s weird. Not sure where he ate but our shrimp didn’t have heads. 

So then Peanut starts smirking like she does when we play Fibber which she is terrible at! If you ever have the chance to play poker with her, it will be easy to knock her out of the game and take her chips. Kitty? Starting money??? Her card money!

Anyway, I said what’s funny?

She said, “Welllll… I ate chicken fingers and fries at the pool. At 3:45. I’m kinda full now.”

See? I spoke in Mumbo Jumbo language! And so easy to learn I didn’t know I had learned it! Hopefully it will be as easy for me to learn Mr. G’s “being helpful” language. Though that seems a pretty difficult task since I’ve heard it so long and still haven’t learned it, it must be very complex.


2 thoughts on “I Know Two Languages

  1. I’m guessing Peanut is 14…13? Your dinner table scenario was so vividly described that I almost felt like I was at the table. Too bad I wasn’t! LD loves fish, shrimp and mac n cheese!!

    • She’s 13! It was quite yummy even with the random eye roll causing comments!!! It would be an interesting dinner for you if you were there! You never know what you’re going to hear!

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