A Perk of Being a Grown-up

Today Mr. G and I had a lunch date for his birthday. He had a buy one entree get one free at a Mexican place, and then had rewards so our bill was a whopping $3.88!!

But since we stuffed ourselves with yummy spicy goodness at lunch we didn’t eat dinner. Well OK, we ate dinner but it wasn’t a standard dinner item. We’re mean and made our kids eat leftovers.
Hellooooo Dairy Queen ice cream cake!!! Hey, there has to be some reward for being another year older! Look at it as a perk of being a Grown-up having to deal with teenagers or annoying work people or anyone else who bothers you…you can eat dessert for dinner!


2 thoughts on “A Perk of Being a Grown-up

  1. I love that you had ice cream cake for dinner. Hell, I had ice cream the other day for breakfast and I thought I was cool. Ha!!! You guys rocked it today. Happy birthday to Mr. G!

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