Still a Beach Babe, Just not a Bronze One

This post is my opinion only, based on my experience with sun protection clothing. I was not paid to endorse Coolibar products.


Reading on the beach... True happiness!

As I was getting ready to head to the pool and relieve Mr. G. from pool duty,  they came home. Darn, I so wanted to bake and sweat in the 95 degree temps and tropical 74 dew point! OK I didn’t. But I did want to try my new Coolibar sun protection swim tights!

I used to lay in the sun all day and rarely remembered to put sunscreen on, as most teens did and do. I would get so brown! But now I can’t do that anymore because I have a high risk to get sun poisoning. I didn’t really think about it (or care honestly) until we went to Disneyworld two years ago and I didn’t put lotion on my legs while we were sitting on the curb watching a parade.  It was after 3, the sun isn’t that strong, I would be ok I thought. WRONG!! Within an hour, my legs were bright red, with huge welts, painful to touch and swollen so much I could hardly walk! Luckily we were at the end of the trip, but I never wanted to do that to myself again! 

And that was the end of my sun worshipping and the beginning of my caring more about my body than what people thought. That is one good thing about aging! Although technically 25 isn’t really aging I guess. 😛

So Peanut comes in and mid-bitch about having to leave “already” (after 3 hours) notices my swim tights and gets her “what’s that smell?” face I love so much. 


“My new swim tights! Aren’t they cute? Now I don’t have to sit under the umbrella all day when we go to the beach and my legs are still covered! And I can wear them with a regular tankini top if I want!!! Or wear them to run around like yoga pants!”

She wasn’t impressed. But I didn’t care! It didn’t take long for me to realize nothing I do impresses her so I’m used to that. But it was one of those moments I felt free, responsible and grownup, that I was doing what I felt was best for me and to hell with everyone else and what they thought! If people want to be in the sun taking fewer precautions than me, good for them! I hope nothing happens that could have been prevented. I might look funny but at least I can be more active now and not stuck under an umbrella or constantly putting sunscreen on.

I’m a pale Beach Babe and proud of it! When I’m at the beach I don’t care that I’m not getting a tan. I’m happy I’m on the beach!


3 thoughts on “Still a Beach Babe, Just not a Bronze One

  1. I’m “Scandinavian white”… which is just shy of “Irish Red Head” white, so I don’t sun worship, either. I do like being outdoors (no real beach in North Dakota, but lots of treeless prairie!), so I tote sunscreen everywhere during the summer months. My boss laughs at me & goes to the tanning salon, telling stories of her “glow stick at a rave” employee.

    But my skin will still be baby soft when I’m 70, and not look like an alligator bag. So there. :-p

    *Living Dilbert sent me!*

    • Yeah, forgot that benefit!!! Glad I’m not alone in the sun resistance! Maybe someday they will mistake us for the children and not the parents! MWAAAHAAAHAAA!!!! Oh Peanut will hate that! 😛 Welcome to the blog, glad to meet another LD worshipper!

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