Cool Artwork

This is for all my east coast friends who are baking/sweating in extremely high temperatures and humidity this week! Yes, I know I complained a few months ago when we had never ending snow, but this is ridiculous!

So to help us think cool thoughts to get through the tropical weather, here is one of my favorite Bird arts. Yes, it is a parachuting snowman, because they need something to do when it’s not snowing. 🙂

snowmen at night


4 thoughts on “Cool Artwork

  1. This great post helped me feel cooler and it is HOT here. We had a little rain shower and the streets are steaming! I’m literally counting the days til 9/1. It’ll still be hot, but I’ll know I lived through another summer. I’m going to print out this pic and put it on my fridge so I can think cool thoughts. Maybe I’ll watch some old Ice Road Truckers tonight!

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