Shocking Saturday

Warning! This post contains many shocking statements, proceed at your own risk!!!

I was cleaning off my dresser (shocking statement #1) and Peanut came in and quietly said, “Mommy?” (shocking statement #2) Because I am not used to being addressed kindly I didn’t answer since I was sure she wasn’t talking to me. 

So she reverts back to herself and loudly says, “OMG! MOM!” to which I answer now that I know she’s in the room.

She asks if there is anything she can do with her pictures on her phone so she doesn’t have to delete any but could get more room. I say, “Well you could download Dropbox. It’s a cloud based software for storing pictures, videos and documents.”

Peanut had no idea what I was talking about, and actually listened and downloaded it!  (shocking statements #3, #4, and #5!)

And for the record my coolness of knowing something she didn’t lasted about 5 minutes, until the download and sync was finished and I did the usual thing I do that makes her mad,  breathing. 


7 thoughts on “Shocking Saturday

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  2. Boy teenagers are generally easier than girls… 2 girls over the age of 21 for me, & the youngest, a boy, is 16. Waaaay less drama with this one. I did, however, make a point of embarrassing, publicly, if possible, all 3 of my kids! One of the perks of parenthood, and I take much joy & pride in that!

    • Oh thank you so much Jen!!!! I need all the encouragement I can get!!!! 🙂 Right now Bird still thinks I’m awesome so hopefully that won’t change! And Oh yeah I know all about public embarrassment!!! We have to take whatever joy we can get right????

  3. Good story! Mom -1; Peanut – 0! I know the last line isn’t really funny in the scheme of things, but you made me chuckle aloud (a rare occurrence for LD) with that last line. Perfectly done, my friend. “breathing” – really good.

    • Sadly LD that is not made up. She really is annoyed by me and my breathing…it’s too loud and she can’t hear, my breath is bad….it’s annoying….sigh. only 7 more years to go until she’s out of the teens. And then Bird be in his. Oh joys!!!

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