To Re-Read or Not to Re-Read

I have the day off with Peanut today and she’s been doing a lot of reading while I putter about. Which is great… except she’s reading on her phone, and prefers to read on her phone. I know it’s the age of technology and all, but it makes me sad that she doesn’t prefer a book and its smell whether it’s old or new and the sound of the pages if you fan them. That she doesn’t prefer the feel of a book in her hands. I think she’s crazy. But that’s not the worst of it.

I said, “Please put your phone away,  you’ve been on it all morning.”


I said, “You have so many books in your room you could read!”


Say what now? :O

I said, “So what? Find one you haven’t read in a long time and re-read it.”

Then she proceeded to stab me in the heart (what’s new lately) by replying, “OMG!!! NO ONE DOES THAT! I ALREADY KNOW THE STORY!”

Say what now???? :O

I don’t know why I try and reason with her but I said, “Well then you haven’t waited long enough for the one you chose. But even if I start to remember the story I never really remember all of it because I get details confused with all I’ve read and it’s still a good escape. I will still reread it.”


Fine. I’ll just look at Pinterest for pictures of built-in bookshelves to put in her room when she goes to college. I know her story so far, why keep her room her room to help me remember? Childhood things instead of bookshelves?  That’s just crazy talk.


2 thoughts on “To Re-Read or Not to Re-Read

  1. Such beautifully written. I could feel the stab in your heart. Hard to get. But this IS kids now. I have some nieces/nephews and they do all on their phone. I saw a book the other day and asked whose it was and “Cool!” and all the right things and I got, “Oh, THAT? It’s for school.” Of course it is. Good news is that Peanut is at least reading! Hang in there! Keep writing! You are quite good!

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