Bouncing Tigger


Nine years ago when the doctor said,  “Congratulations you have a beautiful,  bouncing baby boy!” he sure wasn’t kidding. We should have named him Tigger but it doesn’t really go well with our last name.  Plus he would have to go to Disney to find his name on anything. Which I guess wouldn’t be the most horrible thing to do!

This boy is still bouncing. He bounces off walls. He bounces anything round to see how high it bounces. He tries to bounce things that aren’t round. He probably dreams about bouncing! 

So because he still loves to talk to me and has thought of something cool that he might be able to bounce, he excitedly asks me,  “Mommy, wouldn’t it be cool if we could bounce on our heads????”

Me: Umm no. It would hurt a lot.

Bird/Tigger: Yeah but it would be so cool anyway if we could!

And off he bounced, probably thinking about what he could bounce off his feet as he bounced on his head and how cool he would look.


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