So Glad it’s Sunday!!!

No dear readers, my title does not have a typo. I am truly excited that it is Sunday, because as crazy as it sounds, I get to go to work tomorrow! I get to go to work…for 8 glorious hours with people I’m not related to!!! Oh my goodness Monday morning can not come soon enough. I would go to bed right now if I knew I would be able to stay asleep and not stay awake all night waiting for the alarm clock to go off!

Why have I completely, utterly lost my mind you ask? I have already tried to blot it from my memory but I will rip the scab off as a courtesy to you… Because I was just on a 2 week vacation with my family. 14 days. In a row. With a 13 year old. A 13 year old who gets annoyed at everything and nothing. Who appears to hate mankind unless it is willing to spend money on her.

And the other child who the minute we arrived started asking when are we going go-karting? When are we going mini-golfing? When are we going to the arcade? When are we going to eat at our favorite place? When are we going to the pool? When are we going on rides???? And asked these questions as soon as he got up and a million times through the day for all million days. 

And then there was the fighting over what music to listen to. The fighting over who picked the restaurant last night. The complaining if I suggested going shopping on a cloudy, showery day. The complaining at anything I suggested. The constant reminder that Mr. G was trying not to plan our days to the minute. The constant time together!  The feeling that nothing we did was good enough. And here’s another great example of that feeling from DN! We parents gotta stick together!!!!

It wasn’t a total vacation from hell though. I spent most of my time sitting on the beach reading and drinking  Smirnoff Screwdrivers, and thinking about how happy the beach makes me,  and how I feel closer to Angel Mom there. And even though it was difficult to do so much thinking, I did need to feel closer to her since her anniversary just passed. 

So that’s why I’m anxious to go back to work. I get paid to put up with complaints and annoying people there! Can I call off sick from my family vacation next year?


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