She Has an Opening Next Never

I don’t know if it’s the frenzy of trying to fit everything she didn’t get to do into the last few days of summer vacation  or if she is just suddenly making lots of friends but I swear I haven’t seen Peanut since we came back from vacation! 

Which if you’ve been paying attention, you will say that sounds like a good thing because then we are not at odds because I’m annoying her and the house is peaceful. And that part is.

But I’m not really liking having to say,  um hello? Peanut? Do you think you could fit your family in for a few minutes so we remember what you look like?  So we can talk about cross country or your school schedule or something? Anything?

If she’s not sequestered in her room on her phone or face timing on her iPad,  she’s at the pool, running, sleeping over somewhere, shopping, at a party, Starbucks, hanging out….! I’m exhausted writing all that! But then again I am a little older than her so of course I am slowing down a bit. Emphasis on a little. 

The other day in between engagements,  Peanut mentioned to Mr. G, “Oh yeah I did a 5k with Friend A today.”

Say what now???


That annoys me too that she speaks to him and screams at me but that’s a post for another day.

So of course the response was why didn’t you tell us, we would have went to watch and support you!!! That’s awesome!!!


I sigh.

Friend B calls. 

Dad can I go hang out with Friend B now????

Sigh. Nice seeing you for 30 seconds Peanut. Try to pencil us in for a minute on your graduation day OK?


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