My Third Best Day Ever!

Today was my third best day ever!!!! Oops I just repeated my title as my first sentence but I’m so happy I don’t care I broke a writing rule. 

Tied for #1: the birth days of Peanut and Bird… But only because I am not going there and picking whose day was better, no I will remain fair and impartial thank you! 

#2: the day livingdilbert followed me!!!  Now my blog is getting serious with a celebrity-like blogger following me!

And #3: Today, when Peanut came to my office!!! 

Today was the last day of summer vacation and I said Peanut and Bird could come with me after lunch to lessen the amount of time they would be home alone. Which is really code for lessen the amount of time they are alone together, with the potential to break limbs or burn the house down.

So Bird said no, and Peanut said yes,  which surprised me and yes made me nervous. But I couldn’t show my fear.  So I gritted my teeth and said Fine!

She first plops down and works on a craft that was leftover from an event last week to add more pretty things to donate to a senior living facility.

Then she starts playing on her phone which isn’t unusual, but what was unusual was she was looking at quotes and asking me which ones I liked best.  Yes I said asking!!!! She couldn’t see me since she was sitting on the floor,  maybe she thought she was with her father. 

Anyway, then she announces that I need some artwork on my walls. I say yeah I know, I’m working on it. Then she asks if there is any big paper around. I’m wondering who the heck is this nice person sitting in my office????

So she disappears to explore the office and eventually comes back with some tabloid paper and a whole bunch of sharpies. She says don’t look at her,  just work. 

I am so confused by her behavior,  but I try to do what she suggested. Why isn’t she yelling at me? Why isn’t she complaining about me annoying her? Why is she being nice?

Then it was time for the 3:00 daily walk around the building. Here’s where I really thought Peanut had been kidnapped by aliens. She walked with me and chattered about all kinds of stuff!!! 😱 However I did not ruin the moment by saying, see you can talk to me nicely like I usually do. I think I was so surprised I just couldn’t think clearly.

So then she starts pondering my walls and decides next to the white board will work and starts talking to herself as she figures out the spacing of her papers. I’m pretending to work and watching her and almost ready to bawl my eyes out at her making something to decorate my wall and just being nice and happy!

And when she was done, I had this: Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising everytime we fall.


I am in tears by this point and choke out thanks for decorating my wall Peanut and she looks at me like what’s the big deal?

Then it was time to leave. P!nk’s song I’m Coming Up! (Get This Party Started) came on the car radio and of course I turned the volume way up! You have to crank P!nk!!! And of course I start singing….. and so does Peanut!!! What the heck is going on???? Am I dreaming???? Am I dead and this is Heaven?????

We are barely in the house and she yells: OMG BIRD! YOU’RE SO ANNOYING GET OUT OF HERE I WANT TO WATCH TV! 

Sigh. Well at least I still have the evidence of her kindness on my wall. At least I hope I do! Unless it was just a wonderful dream during a boring meeting!


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