Queen of Social Media

Last week Peanut and I had appointments to get hair cuts, and I was going to seek help in covering my grays. (ahem!)

I had been telling her for months she should get some color in her hair but we all know when I talk she goes deaf.

So she announces like she just had the idea that she would like to get some highlights. She looks at me with her “I smell something” face and says, “I don’t want to get like what YOU have. It’s too noticeable.”

I am not concerned by this. She’s said much more hateful things to me and I like my gray disguising blonde highlights.

So I had decided (before Peanut’s not as hateful as usual comment) that I was going to do something different and get purple highlights. And while they are only noticeable in sunlight,  I like them. 


And then a sign that the world is ending came when Peanut said she might like to get purple highlights too. 

Say what now?????

Yeah she’ll just look on Pinterest because she doesn’t want the exact way I have them. (Surprise.)

So I show how stupid I am and say Oh I didn’t know you knew what Pinterest was. She rolled her eyes, (surprise) and said, Mom, I am a teenager,  I know about all things social media. 

Oh. Of course I shouldn’t be surprised. 


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