The Scrapbook House is Magical

I was away this weekend, but not really away away since I was only about 10 minutes from my house. It was my second scrapbook weekend of the year, so I was with 8 other ladies having fun sharing this awesome creative hobby, making pretty things for Peanut and Bird, in a house that is filled to the roof with all kinds of beautiful scrappy things to use and buy (shhh, I really do need it!!!) and enjoying time “off” from my regular life and responsibilities. It was much needed for all of us, and I highly recommend taking a break once in awhile to recharge if you have the opportunity.

So anyway, I think that the scrapbook house has become magical this year! Good things always happen while I am there! I am usually very productive, and last time I was inspired to blog and gained a new celebrity like follower! And this time I experienced my most favorite parenthood moment yet, from both children!!! Yes I meant to say both children though I do understand your confusion.

There is a restaurant/ice cream shop next to the scrapbook house and last night the other Gs met me for ice cream. As I walked down the driveway to the parking lot, I hear shouts of “Mommy!” and then both Peanut and Bird come running around the corner and run to me and hug me! What the heck? Was I really still napping (yes, another good thing that happened!) and this was a dream?? Did I drink too many wine coolers???? It felt wonderful even if it turns out it wasn’t real.

So I wonder what will happen the next time I get to go to the magic scrapbook house??? Maybe I’ll win the lottery and I can buy a million sheets of paper that I really, really need!!!


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