TV Calmed the Teenage Beast

I can’t keep up with Peanut’s extreme mood swings. One minute she’s mad at the world, the next she’s happy as a clam. And I am awful but I am so used to the first that I don’t trust her when she’s in the second! What ridiculous thing is she going to ask me to do at the last minute because she forgot to ask sooner? How much money does she need? Who did she murder that she needs an alibi for? Ok, maybe the last one is a bit much but you really never know with teenagers these days!

I have noticed that sometimes if she has a really nasty mood one second, the next she is happy, as if she needs a second to recover!

Well last night she was upset because she had left her phone at school, and was not happy when she was told no one would be going to wander the halls to attempt to find her locker and retrieve her phone. But Bird was there for basketball tryouts, why couldn’t he go get it after he was done? Who cares that the school is locked down everywhere but the gym??? She had a rant to end all rants and she hates us all, she can’t believe she is without her phone, slamming doors, it’s our fault she forgot it in the first place…..geez.

So when I came home from work today she was watching the crazy good new show Blindspot, which if you haven’t seen get thee on OnDemand and catch up! It’s about a woman who was dumped in Times Square, and she has amnesia and odd tattoos all over her body that appear to be clues to major crimes that will occur against the citizens of New York City. Oh and sometimes she turns all bad ass and beats up the bad guys but has no idea how she knows how to fight! It’s crazy! So Peanut asks me if I watched it yet, and if I wanted to watch it with her.

Say what now?


Finally language I understand!

So then she rewound without me asking so I could watch from the beginning. Who is this kid and where’s Peanut????

And a few minutes in she was doing what every dedicated fan of a great tv show does, screaming at the tv. OMG what the heck???? WHOA!  OMG NOOOOO!!!!! HUH????? Then she guessed a plot twist which was quite impressive if I do say so myself. And again unexpectedly I had a nice 58 minutes with my teenager which if you’ve been paying attention doesn’t happen too much lately.

So here’s my plea to the writers of this show: please please keep up your awesome writing and keep this show on the air because it’s awesome and we are hooked already after just 2 shows, and because it gave me almost an hour where the teenage beast was calmed and pleasant and I want more!


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