That is One Big Pig!


Bird’s nine-year old mind is so endearingly bizarre!

I taught him how to make scrambled eggs and egg sandwiches, so lately one of these have been his preferred breakfast on Saturday mornings. He gets everything ready and chatters away like he does as I am trying to gulp my coffee so I can somewhat follow what he is chattering about.

So as I was making bacon he asks in his adorable little boy voice, Mommy know what would be cool? And before I can answer what he is already excitedly telling me that it would be cool if we could have never ending bacon in our pockets, and it would always be warm, and we would just break off the very tippy top so that the pocket fuzz would come off and we could just eat bacon whenever we wanted!

I did agree that was cool, but hated to waste even a tiny piece of bacon just because of pocket fuzz. I mean come on, it’s bacon! A little fuzz won’t kill us right?


2 thoughts on “That is One Big Pig!

  1. I think that’s a pretty good idea if that could happen. Here I am a logical 50 year old and your blog has me thing how cool it would be to have such a magical pocket. I, for one, would totally eat the bacon with the fuzz and I think I’d even eat it if I had money in my pocket and that’s super dirty. Great, I’m going to dream about bacon!

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