At Least It Wasn’t the F Word

Peanut got a flu shot last week. As we walked to the car she asked me to take a picture of her bandaid. I asked why as most parents would, and she rolled her eyes like all teenagers do at the stupidity of their parents, and said, “OMG MOM! TO PUT IT ON SNAPCHAT!!!!”

So naturally I forgot that every takeout bag, every candy wrapper, and every item she sees everyday must be randomly but cutely placed in places they don’t belong and photographed and posted on social media and I asked what on earth for???? Though it was a sparkly bandaid, I didn’t think it was photo worthy.

“OMG MOM!!! SO MY FRIENDS KNOW WHAT I AM DOING!!! TO DOCUMENT MY LIFE!!! IF IT’S NOT ON SNAPCHAT IT DIDN’T HAPPEN!!!” Which honestly made me quite proud since scrapbookers say the same thing talking about their scrapbooks!!! But I digress.

So she hands me the phone and tells me what to do to take the picture because I am stupid remember and poses with her arm properly jutted though her sleeve is covering the bandaid. I tell her this and she says, “OH SHIT!” I looked at her with my eyebrows raised and she gasps and covers her mouth and whispers “OMG! I’m so sorry mom!!! I swear I didn’t mean to, it just slipped out, but I’ve heard much worse at school!” (Because stupid parents forgive easier knowing their children aren’t the worst offenders!)

I was in shock that she didn’t yell at me like she usually does and actually took responsibility for something! Still glad it wasn’t the F word though, I’m not quite ready to hear that coming out of her mouth or stupid enough to believe there is anything worse!


One thought on “At Least It Wasn’t the F Word

  1. You are quite funny! I can almost hear this Peanut in my head with your descriptions! The “monologue” between what she says and what you think is very clever! Makes me laugh and Living Dilbert rarely laughs….

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