So Beary Obvious

Bird likes a cartoon on the Cartoon Network called We Bare Bears. It’s about three bear brothers who talk and go out into the world and interact with humans.  Perfectly believable!  Sometimes they even have jobs like helping people place an order with customized cupcake vending machines!  That actually sounds like a pretty cool idea but I digress. 

So the cartoon isn’t too bad per today’s cartoon standards, though it’s not Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner or so I have heard since I am not old enough to remember the great cartoons!  Ahem!

Boy lots of shiny objects today on this end of year eve eve!!!! 😛

Anyway.  So the only thing that bothers me about the talking bears that go into the human world with no problems is that one is a grizzly bear, one is a panda bear, and one is a polar bear!

So yesterday I asked Bird if they were friends. He says no they are brothers! So I say Oh well they are all different kinds of bears! How can they be brothers? Because you know parents don’t have a clue what is going on in the world,  even if it is a cartoon world with talking bears!

Then Peanut stated the obvious with OMG MOM! DIFFERENT DADS!!!!

Oh. How Beary obvious. Being able to make a pun slightly makes up for the fact that Peanut knows what having different fathers means.

I need a cupcake.  Know any talking bears that can help me with the vending machine? Or maybe a coyote that knows how to order stuff?


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