Nothing is Safe from Sibling Rivalry

The East Coast is bracing for our first significant snowfall. We were all just fine with the temperatures in the 60s last month so what the heck Mother Nature????

Anyway, in case you don’t have children, I need to tell you that no kids anywhere would be caught dead in any clothes that are cold weather appropriate! Especially winter coats because they are too bulky and hot and make them look uncool. Yes really. I can’t make this up.  Look outside if there are kids in your neighborhood and you will see the truth!

So yesterday it was 20 something degrees and felt like 20 below so naturally Peanut wears a light sweatshirt and no gloves. Because the sweatshirt matched her sneakers duh!

When she got home she called me and said, “OMG MOM!!! ONE OF MY FINGERTIPS IS WHITE AND NUMB!!!! AM I OK????”

I asked if it hurt and how long it had been like that and she said that it didn’t and not long.  I said well we will have to keep an eye on it but it’s probably just her hands got too cold from not wearing gloves and her body was probably telling her make it warm or she’d get frostbite. 

So then when Bird gets home Peanut tells him immediately she has frostbite! So then Bird calls me and says in his cute little boy voice, “uh Mommy? I was informed that Peanut has frostbite,  is that true????” and I swear he had a bit of a WTF tone!!! Look Lord, he isn’t even 10 yet,  I don’t need him to start with the Tween attitude yet OK????? Thanks!

So anyway,  I tell Bird, no she probably doesn’t have frostbite, I said she could get frostbite if she didn’t wear gloves!

He says Oh, good, because he didn’t want her to get a sticker from the doctor and he didn’t get one too. 

No God forbid, he wouldn’t want to miss out on a sticker. That wouldn’t be too cool. 


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