Two Unfamiliar Sights

There are two things I haven’t seen in so long I almost forget what they are…. The sun and Peanut’s several thousand dollar smile. 

The April showers haven’t brought May flowers but more showers! And Peanut has been dealing with school drama and me and Bird being annoyingly alive… So she has been a bit moody.  I know such a surprise!!!!

So of course when she asked to go grocery shopping with me late Friday night, I said sure that would be great but thought something else completely different! Yeah I said it, any parent of a teenager would totally back me up here!

She was wearing long sweatpants, and when she got out of the car she stepped in a puddle and her ankles got wet. So she rolled her pants up ridiculously high so they looked like shorts, but until she ran into the store one leg had unrolled and the other was half unrolled. She said “OMG MOM!!!! I HOPE I DON’T RUN INTO ANYONE I KNOW!!!!” I said she was probably safe that late on a rainy Friday night. 

As usual when she is with me, there were alot of foods in the cart that she loves in the store that will be despised as soon as they are in the house. But she was happy so I was happy!

But somehow I left my teenager in the store and picked up another.  It was raining again when we left the store,  and this strange girl says, “Get in the car Mom, I will unload the groceries and take the cart back.”

Funny, she also had her sweatpants rolled up so they wouldn’t get wet! Wonder if she knows Peanut?


TV Calmed the Teenage Beast

I can’t keep up with Peanut’s extreme mood swings. One minute she’s mad at the world, the next she’s happy as a clam. And I am awful but I am so used to the first that I don’t trust her when she’s in the second! What ridiculous thing is she going to ask me to do at the last minute because she forgot to ask sooner? How much money does she need? Who did she murder that she needs an alibi for? Ok, maybe the last one is a bit much but you really never know with teenagers these days!

I have noticed that sometimes if she has a really nasty mood one second, the next she is happy, as if she needs a second to recover!

Well last night she was upset because she had left her phone at school, and was not happy when she was told no one would be going to wander the halls to attempt to find her locker and retrieve her phone. But Bird was there for basketball tryouts, why couldn’t he go get it after he was done? Who cares that the school is locked down everywhere but the gym??? She had a rant to end all rants and she hates us all, she can’t believe she is without her phone, slamming doors, it’s our fault she forgot it in the first place…..geez.

So when I came home from work today she was watching the crazy good new show Blindspot, which if you haven’t seen get thee on OnDemand and catch up! It’s about a woman who was dumped in Times Square, and she has amnesia and odd tattoos all over her body that appear to be clues to major crimes that will occur against the citizens of New York City. Oh and sometimes she turns all bad ass and beats up the bad guys but has no idea how she knows how to fight! It’s crazy! So Peanut asks me if I watched it yet, and if I wanted to watch it with her.

Say what now?


Finally language I understand!

So then she rewound without me asking so I could watch from the beginning. Who is this kid and where’s Peanut????

And a few minutes in she was doing what every dedicated fan of a great tv show does, screaming at the tv. OMG what the heck???? WHOA!  OMG NOOOOO!!!!! HUH????? Then she guessed a plot twist which was quite impressive if I do say so myself. And again unexpectedly I had a nice 58 minutes with my teenager which if you’ve been paying attention doesn’t happen too much lately.

So here’s my plea to the writers of this show: please please keep up your awesome writing and keep this show on the air because it’s awesome and we are hooked already after just 2 shows, and because it gave me almost an hour where the teenage beast was calmed and pleasant and I want more!

A Perk of Being a Grown-up

Today Mr. G and I had a lunch date for his birthday. He had a buy one entree get one free at a Mexican place, and then had rewards so our bill was a whopping $3.88!!

But since we stuffed ourselves with yummy spicy goodness at lunch we didn’t eat dinner. Well OK, we ate dinner but it wasn’t a standard dinner item. We’re mean and made our kids eat leftovers.
Hellooooo Dairy Queen ice cream cake!!! Hey, there has to be some reward for being another year older! Look at it as a perk of being a Grown-up having to deal with teenagers or annoying work people or anyone else who bothers you…you can eat dessert for dinner!

Cloudy with a Chance of Color


Not a white shirt anymore!

OMG. If you have never participated in a color run, you absolutely MUST do so at the first opportunity! The true fanatics run, the other 6 people walk.  Every kilometer, you pass people trying to pelt you with colored powder. If you run they throw harder or chase you and try to hug you to properly show you passed that station! If you walk it’s not as much fun because you’re just walking through a cloud so it doesn’t settle on you as much. 


Aftermath when you run past

So I am not a fanatic but apparently Peanut is and was chiding me for not walking fast enough in her opinion. I had told her she had to stay with me until I found someone I knew, which I soon found out needed to be more specific and not just someone I would say hi to. I’m the meanest mother on the planet. I KNOWWWWWWW!!!!! So as soon as I made the mistake of saying hello to someone from Bird’s daycare she announced “OK Mom see ya at the finish line!” and took off!  So there went my dream of our loving bonding moment strolling hand in hand talking about the silly runners and taking all kinds of funny pictures as we went along. 


Heading into the pink

So at least she listened and waited.  Stinker came in 35th out of 268! I didn’t fare so well because I ended up chatting with the lady I said hi to who I actually did know and her friend, and because I kept stopping to take fun pictures. I didn’t care about my place, I was just lost in the moment having fun. I did run through the color stations at least!  🙂  And I wasn’t last!!!

I don’t know yet how much was raised,  but there were about 100 people who just showed up today! All proceeds will go to the Penn State Hershey Four Diamonds Fund, in honor of Nephew.  This fund is completely funded by donations and pays 100% of medical bills for pediatric cancer patients. The organizer is just 21 and had never done this before, but it looked like she has done it for years! She did an amazing job and the race was a lot of fun, even for us boring slow pokes who took too long and brought up the end of the line.


What? I can't hear blue!

Madam President

This was a conversation a few minutes ago:
Mr. G to Peanut: Get off the phone and get a shower before the storms hit again! 
Peanut:I KNOWWWWWWW!  (common response to everything she deems a lecture.)
Mr. G: Yeah you know everything,  you should be the President.
Peanut: I KNOWWWWWWW!  (trying not to laugh)
Mr. G: And BFF that you’re talking to can be your First Friend!
Peanut: Ha. Ha. 😐

Glad he can make her laugh these days even if it is forced!

P.S. Still keeping the every other day schedule! Not sure why but I’m trying to do that all month so I can be happy I met my goal.  🙂 Hey, I have a teenager, I need to take happiness whenever I can get it!

I’m Cute!!!!

I feel so ridiculous to admit this…. but I am starstruck by a blogger! I just got a new follower who is a successful blogger I love and am happy she is writing again and I feel like it can’t be real!!!  Wow,  livingdilbert likes my writing and thinks I’m worthy to follow!!!!  😍

I feel like Rudolph when Clarice says he’s cute.  “She thinks I’m cute!  I’M CUUUUUTE!” Only I’m saying,  “She thinks I can write!  I CAN WRIIIIIIITE!!!!”

A weekend away scrapbooking and livingdilbert followed me.  Can’t get any better than that!  🙂

Finally a Happy Moment

Every now and then my sweet,  happy child emerges and gives me kindness that I clutch so that I can get through the difficult moods.  These moments give me hope that all will be ok eventually. 

We’ve been running every night so healthy,  home cooked meals are few and far between.  Peanut and I had stopped at Dairy Queen for our dinner and decided to bring home frozen treats.  So I said now watch,  Daddy will decide to stop and bring home treats! 

She laughed at that and imagined what the conversation would be and we went back and forth imagining the possibilities.  It was goofy, but nice because I don’t get to have conversations and laugh with her now. 
When the boys got home,  they did not stop for treats,  which we had talked about that option so we laughed again.  And then Bird took a French fry without asking and just like that my happy girl was gone.  😦

So I wrote about it so I won’t forget. 

The World’s Best Baker…Doesn’t Live Here

Tonight Peanut and I were trying to make a new kind of cookie with a homemade frosting.

The 1st batch looked nothing like the picture because I didn’t cook them long enough.

The 2nd batch was slightly better but when we made the frosting we realized the recipe was wrong or had a step missing.


The 3rd batch was left in for “just another minute longer” but we got distracted because today’s date is 12-13-14 so they looked like this.


I was frustrated and ready to pitch them all in the trash, burnt baking sheet and all. Peanut actually insisted that we try again to make the frosting. She has a cooking class so she’s “an expert at this kind of thing.” So we kept fiddling with the frosting for the non-hockey-puckish cookies and with a little colored sugar to help the poor cookies look somewhat pretty, we got something that is pretty close to what we were trying for.


So tonight it was made clear that the World’s Best Baker doesn’t live in the G house. I’m ok with that because even though I wasted a lot of ingredients and effort with these Godforsaken cookies, I didn’t waste any time.