Good News but It’s Not Over Yet

After the rudeness and nasty comments I’ve been receiving from Peanut lately, it was good to get some good news today!

It seems that Nephew’s tumor has shrunk a tiny bit more! So that means he does not need to have another scan for 3 months! He can live and enjoy his life without so much worry about surgery, at least right now.

He is no means considered cancer free yet but it’s a heck of a great start! Thank you to anyone here who has prayed for  or made a donation to support him. We appreciate all your support no matter how it’s received, and it has helped him keep his “I’m going to kick cancer’s freaking ass!!” attitude. Please keep praying!


But My Horoscope Said…


So if you’ve been paying attention,  you’ll know that I have an addiction a fascination with certain highly scientific items such as the Magic 8-ball and my Horoscope. Growing up I only had the newspaper which of course wasn’t printed for just me so was rather generic and meant I had to consult my Magic 8-ball for more precise fortune telling. And oddly, today the definition of maybe still means yes when children are involved in the conversation!

So anyway, of course I had to look for a Horoscope app to feed my addiction meet my entertainment needs, and I found Daily Horoscope. This Horoscope is the bomb! It is spot on about 90% of the time! Which is why I turned off the function to view tomorrow’s horoscope today. No sense getting upset today with the doom and gloom coming tomorrow right?

I promise the point is coming! So today:

Scorpio horoscope for Jun 14 2015
You may be feeling rather apathetic about an endeavor that you once felt passionately about. Does that say something about the endeavor itself, or could it be more about your present state of mind? If it’s the endeavor you’re involved in, then you need to find a way to recall why you got involved in the first place, and to reignite your enthusiasm. If it’s your state of mind though, Scorpio, you need to find a way to lift yourself up again. That’s more important than you realize.

Copyright © Daily Horoscope.
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I have been working very hard on my nephew’s fundraiser and have posted constantly on Facebook and talked to the entire County to get the word out.  I was excited about it, even with the few times I was turned down for donations. It was falling into place much better than I expected for the first time doing it!

After moving back the final deadline to register twice, I was getting discouraged at the low turnout. I tried telling myself there’s all kinds of reasons. It’s summer, people are going on vacation or are busy. They don’t know me or my nephew and could care less about “some sick kid.” They don’t like to scrapbook or do any crafts. He’s done with his chemo, he doesn’t need help anymore. They already gave to another charity. I’m not affiliated with a charity, I must not be legit.

So see, to get this ‘scope today is freaky. It was suggested a few weeks ago that I cancel it since I only had 10 people sign up. I decided no, whatever these people spend after they pay to get in, is money nephew didn’t have before the event. Every bit helps. And now I’ve gotten a few more and I hope  a few just show up at the door. But the ‘scope made me feel like holding the event anyway was the right decision. I am still going to make it as nice as I can and we’ll raise what we raise and I’ll feel great because I succeeded in helping my nephew, which was my ultimate goal. It sucks he was given this obstacle but he put up an awesome fight and didn’t give up or publicly complain. He deserves the same from me. Cancer cannot win!

Now I’m wondering if I should turn “view tomorrow” back on so I can decide what to wear for my lottery check presentation.

Maybe it will be Good Luck

Nephew had a scan today to see if the chemo worked and shrank the other tumor. If it didn’t, he’ll need a complicated surgery that will require 12 weeks to recover from. We have all been praying all day that he receives good news that no more surgery is needed. 

Then after some nasty storms rolled through we saw this:


A double rainbow.  🙂  Could be coincidence,  could be a sign. Again I am choosing hope… Hope that our prayers are answered and he will be cancer free. 

I Caved Again

Yes world,  there are still people who do not have Facebook. I am no longer able to say that.  I caved today and created an account.

But I have a good reason and I’m not interested in using it for my own updates.  I created an account because I have gone crazy and want to host a fundraiser in my nephew’s honor.  I want a lot of people to come so I created an account so I could create a page event.  He is worth it but I’ve never done this before,  and I need to help somehow, more than making a meal and dessert. 

So when in Rome…. Wish me luck!