My Third Best Day Ever!

Today was my third best day ever!!!! Oops I just repeated my title as my first sentence but I’m so happy I don’t care I broke a writing rule. 

Tied for #1: the birth days of Peanut and Bird… But only because I am not going there and picking whose day was better, no I will remain fair and impartial thank you! 

#2: the day livingdilbert followed me!!!  Now my blog is getting serious with a celebrity-like blogger following me!

And #3: Today, when Peanut came to my office!!! 

Today was the last day of summer vacation and I said Peanut and Bird could come with me after lunch to lessen the amount of time they would be home alone. Which is really code for lessen the amount of time they are alone together, with the potential to break limbs or burn the house down.

So Bird said no, and Peanut said yes,  which surprised me and yes made me nervous. But I couldn’t show my fear.  So I gritted my teeth and said Fine!

She first plops down and works on a craft that was leftover from an event last week to add more pretty things to donate to a senior living facility.

Then she starts playing on her phone which isn’t unusual, but what was unusual was she was looking at quotes and asking me which ones I liked best.  Yes I said asking!!!! She couldn’t see me since she was sitting on the floor,  maybe she thought she was with her father. 

Anyway, then she announces that I need some artwork on my walls. I say yeah I know, I’m working on it. Then she asks if there is any big paper around. I’m wondering who the heck is this nice person sitting in my office????

So she disappears to explore the office and eventually comes back with some tabloid paper and a whole bunch of sharpies. She says don’t look at her,  just work. 

I am so confused by her behavior,  but I try to do what she suggested. Why isn’t she yelling at me? Why isn’t she complaining about me annoying her? Why is she being nice?

Then it was time for the 3:00 daily walk around the building. Here’s where I really thought Peanut had been kidnapped by aliens. She walked with me and chattered about all kinds of stuff!!! 😱 However I did not ruin the moment by saying, see you can talk to me nicely like I usually do. I think I was so surprised I just couldn’t think clearly.

So then she starts pondering my walls and decides next to the white board will work and starts talking to herself as she figures out the spacing of her papers. I’m pretending to work and watching her and almost ready to bawl my eyes out at her making something to decorate my wall and just being nice and happy!

And when she was done, I had this: Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising everytime we fall.


I am in tears by this point and choke out thanks for decorating my wall Peanut and she looks at me like what’s the big deal?

Then it was time to leave. P!nk’s song I’m Coming Up! (Get This Party Started) came on the car radio and of course I turned the volume way up! You have to crank P!nk!!! And of course I start singing….. and so does Peanut!!! What the heck is going on???? Am I dreaming???? Am I dead and this is Heaven?????

We are barely in the house and she yells: OMG BIRD! YOU’RE SO ANNOYING GET OUT OF HERE I WANT TO WATCH TV! 

Sigh. Well at least I still have the evidence of her kindness on my wall. At least I hope I do! Unless it was just a wonderful dream during a boring meeting!


I Have No Idea How to Explain That

Shocking statement coming….I LOVE MY BOSS! I would marry her! If we weren’t both already married. Or if it was legal to have 2 spouses in Pennsylvania. Or if we weren’t both women who like men. Oh well, the point is I’m happy with my work life again!

I realized I didn’t really talk too much about this transition other than to mention in passing that I started the new year with a job offer that I accepted. Not sure why I didn’t get into details. Now it seems weird to gush about it. Shrug. Maybe it’s just too new to have any good material. 😛

So what’s a positive name for a boss? Is there such a thing???? Suggest away if you have anything. Anyway, her management style is quite refreshing. She tells me what she wants and/or needs and lets me figure out how to get it done! And if I tell her during our weekly meeting that I didn’t have time to get to these 5 things she says, ok, I know, you were busy on these other 5 things. I’m waiting for the “Why are you so slow and you’re terrible at this!” speech I’ve been used to for 6 years and it never comes!

What does come, and has been more frequently, is the comment that whatever project she needs is a great opportunity for me to write. See why I love her? She looks for things for me to write!!!! She wants me to write!!!!! Before Crazy Boss would say, “Well, I’ll see what I can do but there really isn’t too much out there for you to write.” She clearly never read any of the stuff that went out. So today New Boss asks if I could write instructions for how to change our email signatures since we have new colors and a new brand and there might be some people who have no idea how to do that. Here’s another shocking statement coming….I LOVE writing instructions! I have no idea why. Maybe it’s because I like to write lists and instructions are long lists. Maybe it’s because as I write the instructions I realize things that will give people difficulty so as I explain it I feel like I know something. Maybe it’s just the Detail Nerd in me waking up and I get excited telling people exactly how to solve their problem! I also like putting screen shots with the text and drawing little red arrows to show exactly where people need to look. Mr. G, giving and following directions is not the same as giving and following instructions so just be quiet and go back to yelling at the TV and the Orioles that can’t hear you.

I happily spent the afternoon writing the email signature instructions. (Once I figured out where in Outlook that was. Hey if you don’t use how to bookthings frequently….!) But here’s what I’m afraid of. New Boss just joined the “Yay, she’s a teenager” club. I’m afraid she is going to ask me how to understand/talk to/get along with/insert any other thing I’ve complained about here for her daughter.

If you’ve read any of this blog you’ll know I have no idea how to explain that! Besides, I only have one thing to list that might work, remain in a drunken stupor, and that isn’t appropriate for the workplace.

Positive Words

I started 2015 with a new attitude. I wanted to be more positive and not let things get to me. I decided it was time for good things to happen. 

On the second day of the new year,  I received an offer for a new position,  with more responsibility and more writing, and closer to home. Of course I didn’t really have to think about it and accepted the offer. 

Although I was a little apprehensive about how this news would be received,  I immediately felt my stress lifting. I felt more relaxed and happy,  which I haven’t had in my work life for some time. 

I started my new job this past Monday and the first week flew by! Everyone has been very welcoming and is excited I have joined the firm. I am already busy but am not stressed.

I found this quote on Pinterest: “You will know you made the right decision; you feel the stress leaving your body,  your mind, your life.”  Brigitte Nicole

How true that is! However the work stress leaving me is being replaced by teenager stress! Got any motivational quotes for that?

I’m Still Alive

Life in the Office has been bad lately, to put it mildly. Unfortunately it has also sapped my energy and made me so unhappy I couldn’t even write, or I felt that it would help me to write but no one would want to read it. But then not writing made me even more unhappy.

So what changed? It was something as simple as a 6 item to-do list that broke my funk. I used to write down a few things that I wanted to work on the next day. I didn’t have to finish them, but if I worked on them for at least a half hour then they get crossed off the list. I haven’t been able to do this lately because I plan my day and then I get pulled away from my tasks to do other tasks that are someone else’s high priority so I haven’t been bothering to plan.

But today my boss was away so I planned what I wanted to do…just 6 things: 2 deadlines and 4 tasks that were just regular database/email maintenance things. And I crossed ALL 6 things off my list! It doesn’t seem like such a big deal, but it was so nice to have full control again and motivation to do these tasks that I haven’t been able to get to, for as long as I wanted to and actually feel like I accomplished something. I don’t remember when I last crossed off my entire list. I needed to feel that sense of accomplishment. As little as the tasks were, they were all mine on my schedule! 🙂

Tomorrow will be back to normal, but I’m not going to let the Office take all my joy anymore. I’ll just make shorter to-do lists, that still counts as writing if they’re on paper right? 🙂

More Peanut Logic

I’ve written before about Peanut’s logic and my inability to understand her way of thinking. It seems to be getting worse as the stress of my office life increases.

Speaking of the office, Peanut loves going to work with me and folding brochures or sorting promotional items or whatever other mundane task I can come up with. I keep asking if she would rather play her iPod and she firmly tells me she’s fine. People wandering by joke about if her payment is something from the vending machine or the nearby frozen yogurt store. Today she wanted the free hot chocolate from the kitchen as her payment.

Yes, hot chocolate. It’s 82 degrees with about 700 humidity. And she wants HOT. CHOCOLATE.

I look at her funny and say, “You know it’s really hot today right?”

She got that face and tone that tells me I’m the stupidest person on the planet and says, “I put it in the freezer and we’re in air conditioning.”


Oh. Okay. I guess that makes sense. If you’re 12. At least I didn’t have to pay for it.

I’ve Been Asking the Magic 8-Ball


Image courtesy of ArtJSan /

As you all know, I’m a child of the 80s and, stating the obvious now, I had a Magic 8 ball. How many times I asked it whether the boy I liked liked me too or if I would marry a millionaire! Most of the time I would ask the question in as many different ways as I needed to to get the right answer. Didn’t everyone????

Somewhere along the way my Magic 8 ball got lost. 😦 But then imagine my surprise and happiness when I found an app for that!

For awhile Bird would use it to ask standard 8 year old stuff like will he get a turtle or will he learn to burp his ABC’s. I didn’t really use it that much until I met my dream job. Now I ask it every day if I’m going to get the job and if I’ll hear something soon. Most of the time some variation of yes comes up and I’m hopeful and happy. But when I get a no then I get anxious and sad and ask it again. I know it’s just for entertainment and doesn’t mean anything and doesn’t know how to predict the future. Yet it still draws me in like it did when I was a teenager!

There’s a Spongebob episode where Spongebob and Patrick find a magic conch shell when they get lost and they worship it and are rewarded with supplies falling out of an airplane.Then Squidward makes fun of them and the shell and has bad luck because he doesn’t listen to their warnings to believe in the magic conch shell. Magic 8 ball I am Spongebob! I believe in you! I’ll never delete you! Please reward me and tell me my happy future and then make it come true!!!!

Will I stop obsessing about this? Reply hazy, ask again later!

So Why Did You Interview Me Twice???

Today I heard from the second firm that I interviewed twice with. And it was thanks for considering us but we’re no longer considering you. 😦 Now I really wasn’t sure I wanted this position after the second interview anyway so I’m not as disappointed with this rejection as I was with the other opportunity.

But I am a little disturbed because both firms said I wasn’t qualified enough. Ok, that’s not something I can quickly change, I can only keep working to gain more experience and improve my skills. But really, you can’t tell from the online application and my professional resume that I don’t have exactly everything you want????? You have to make me jump thru hoops twice to get time off work or figure out how to plan my appearance in the office without looking too dressed up and obvious to attend interviews before you know I’m not who you want and need? Really?????

So I guess somehow after whatever they saw that sparked their interest and made me seem like a good possibility, and what made them like me and want to learn more after the first interview, something from my skill set was deleted by the time I left the second interview and that made me less qualified. Hmm.  Not sure how to remedy that. :/

Ok whatever. I had a lot of undue stress and anxiety for nothing. But I’m not giving up the search. As my friend C said, “Their loss…it means something bigger and better is waiting.” Everything happens (or doesn’t) for a reason. Maybe writing is meant to be my dream job so I have to stick it out with my full-time job for now. Or maybe my writing is just my creative outlet and my dream job isn’t quite ready for me yet. Whichever way it goes, I hope it goes soon so I don’t loose even more skills!

They Called

So one opportunity fell thru. I had the “thanks but no thanks” voicemail on Wednesday. 😦 Turns out I’m not qualified enough or that’s what they told my machine. Ok I can’t help that and it takes away the fear that I said something “wrong.” Still sucks because that was the job I really wanted and it was no commute. So the other is supposed to decide this coming week or next, I’ll probably be too qualified for that one! And I’ve been sick so haven’t written much this week, though my efforts to get more freelance work haven’t worked anyway so I probably didn’t miss any opportunities! 😦

Enough of my pity party. It’s the weekend and I have 2 full days away from the workweek stress! (Aka 2 days to gather material for this blog. :P)