I Went Red

I went red for my mom and grandmother, both lost too young. Who are you wearing red for? 


So That’s How the Internet Works!

Tomorrow Peanut’s school is “jump roping” (as Peanut says) for the American Heart Association. Her and her friend waited until today to inform us of the event and to go around the neighborhood asking for donations, but that can be a post for another day and can be forgiven since it’s for a cause that’s important to me. 🙂

yellow rubber duck

I’m just as cute as Ninja Duck!
(Image courtesy of Gualberto107 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

So with just a $5 donation, she gets a rubber duck prize. Then the next level gets another rubber duck and a jump rope, then the third level gets the previous two prizes plus another duck, etc. etc. So she raised enough to make it to Level 4 which is four fitness items disguised as prizes…a jump rope, a rubber ball, and two other things she’ll probably never touch again after she brings them home and puts them on the kitchen counter. But what she really wants is the “Ninja Duck” that she gets for her first online donation because the others just aren’t “cute” enough.

Of course she waits until after I wrote the check which included our donation to tell me she wants the Ninja Duck and she can only get it if she gets an online donation!

So I say that I already made my donation and she says she’ll just make one. I said that she would need my credit card and I wasn’t really wanting to have to pay a bill of $1 even if it is for charity. So she informs me I’m wrong (yeah, I’m used to that assessment by now) and that the paper donation form has a column for the “Online Donation Form Amount” and  I just type in the form that I paid and then print the form and then attach it to other donation form and we’re good.

Um, what?????

So I say, “Yeah, I need to pay with a credit card and then print the receipt. ” Again she insists I don’t need my credit card. Now I’m becoming frustrated and say, “So does a slot just open in the computer monitor and that’s where I put the money?”

And Peanut rolls her eyes at my stupidity and says, “No, Mom. I’ve been trying to tell you. You just have to fill in the form on the website. The American Heart Association collects money differently and you don’t need a credit card. Just forget it! You never do anything for me!!! If it was Bird asking you’d say of course I’ll do it honey sweetie baby!!!!! OMG!!!!”

And all this time I was using my credit card when I should have just filled my shopping cart and then stopped after entering my shipping address. Who knew?