It’s Not Me

Well the results are in….my dream job and I are not on the same page. 😦

So I guess the hunt for happiness continues. I had dropped my freelance writing and my book writing thru all this so I’ll be starting that again. I’ve already been rejected by my dream job other rejections won’t matter much now. 😦


So Why Did You Interview Me Twice???

Today I heard from the second firm that I interviewed twice with. And it was thanks for considering us but we’re no longer considering you. 😦 Now I really wasn’t sure I wanted this position after the second interview anyway so I’m not as disappointed with this rejection as I was with the other opportunity.

But I am a little disturbed because both firms said I wasn’t qualified enough. Ok, that’s not something I can quickly change, I can only keep working to gain more experience and improve my skills. But really, you can’t tell from the online application and my professional resume that I don’t have exactly everything you want????? You have to make me jump thru hoops twice to get time off work or figure out how to plan my appearance in the office without looking too dressed up and obvious to attend interviews before you know I’m not who you want and need? Really?????

So I guess somehow after whatever they saw that sparked their interest and made me seem like a good possibility, and what made them like me and want to learn more after the first interview, something from my skill set was deleted by the time I left the second interview and that made me less qualified. Hmm.  Not sure how to remedy that. :/

Ok whatever. I had a lot of undue stress and anxiety for nothing. But I’m not giving up the search. As my friend C said, “Their loss…it means something bigger and better is waiting.” Everything happens (or doesn’t) for a reason. Maybe writing is meant to be my dream job so I have to stick it out with my full-time job for now. Or maybe my writing is just my creative outlet and my dream job isn’t quite ready for me yet. Whichever way it goes, I hope it goes soon so I don’t loose even more skills!

They Called

So one opportunity fell thru. I had the “thanks but no thanks” voicemail on Wednesday. 😦 Turns out I’m not qualified enough or that’s what they told my machine. Ok I can’t help that and it takes away the fear that I said something “wrong.” Still sucks because that was the job I really wanted and it was no commute. So the other is supposed to decide this coming week or next, I’ll probably be too qualified for that one! And I’ve been sick so haven’t written much this week, though my efforts to get more freelance work haven’t worked anyway so I probably didn’t miss any opportunities! 😦

Enough of my pity party. It’s the weekend and I have 2 full days away from the workweek stress! (Aka 2 days to gather material for this blog. :P)