15 years ago.  One of those events that it seems like it just happened no matter how much time has passed. One of those events you wish you could forget but never can. 

I was almost 6 months pregnant with Peanut. I couldn’t bear to watch the coverage after a while. What kind of world was I bringing this baby into? Would she be safe?  I had no answers and couldn’t do anything but hope and pray it would be ok.  

The Class of 2020 is the first class that will read about this attack and were not alive when it happened. They are lucky in a way that they don’t know the horror of watching the events unfold, over and over and over again.  

I did not know anyone who died that day, but I will still take time to remember and pray for those who did. I will always remember.  

God Bless us all.  All lives matter.  


Thankful That It’s Soon Over!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Hope you had/are having a great day!

So am I more happy that Thanksgiving itself is soon over and my fighting kids will soon be sleeping and I’ll have quiet or that the National Blog Daily Challenge is over after 3 more days???? Hmmm….that’s a close one let me tell you!

I just saw a woman in the crowd at the Ravens/Steelers game wearing a hat that looked like a cooked turkey. Okaaaaaaaayyyyyy. LOL! That distracted me a little!

Anyway, holidays are always slightly melancholy for me. I try to find ways to feel close to Angel Mom, like wearing her ring or going to the cemetery which I forgot to do today which I just realized and makes me feel like crap. 😦 Sorry Mom.

So tonight I decided to pull some grays so I would hear her voice telling me not to pull them, she never did because they gave her character. How sad is that??? Then to make it worse I realized I’m getting too many to pull them all, AND they’re all through my hair and starting to form a stripe at my cowlick. 😦 Now some of you are probably thinking like Mr. G and saying, “So what? Just dye your hair then.”

I guess the grays bother me because Angel Mom went gray early and died early and I’m afraid that’s my fate too even though I don’t have the same health issues she did and have been tested and determined very low risk to develop those issues. It’s completely irrational, I know. But plucking them at least made me feel like I could control something.

Not sure how to end this, so I will just say I am thankful that you are there to read what I write no matter what the topic.