Two Teen Years Down… 

Peanut turned 15 last month. I have no idea how that happened.  

I was talking to a guy at work and I said it was her 15th birthday and I have no idea what happened but I just brought her home from the hospital yesterday! 

He gasped and asked what happened???? I didn’t understand what he meant. He asked why was she in the hospital???  I laughed and said “Oh, I meant because I am not old enough to have a 15 year old and it seemed like I just brought her home yesterday and I blinked and now she is 15.”

Then he said oh yes, his wife says that too, and then tells me he would have had ten boys if he would never have had to go through his daughter’s teenage years and he is from the south so added a Lord have mercy.  

Great. I don’t know if that was encouraging or not. At least I have topic security.  


Two Unfamiliar Sights

There are two things I haven’t seen in so long I almost forget what they are…. The sun and Peanut’s several thousand dollar smile. 

The April showers haven’t brought May flowers but more showers! And Peanut has been dealing with school drama and me and Bird being annoyingly alive… So she has been a bit moody.  I know such a surprise!!!!

So of course when she asked to go grocery shopping with me late Friday night, I said sure that would be great but thought something else completely different! Yeah I said it, any parent of a teenager would totally back me up here!

She was wearing long sweatpants, and when she got out of the car she stepped in a puddle and her ankles got wet. So she rolled her pants up ridiculously high so they looked like shorts, but until she ran into the store one leg had unrolled and the other was half unrolled. She said “OMG MOM!!!! I HOPE I DON’T RUN INTO ANYONE I KNOW!!!!” I said she was probably safe that late on a rainy Friday night. 

As usual when she is with me, there were alot of foods in the cart that she loves in the store that will be despised as soon as they are in the house. But she was happy so I was happy!

But somehow I left my teenager in the store and picked up another.  It was raining again when we left the store,  and this strange girl says, “Get in the car Mom, I will unload the groceries and take the cart back.”

Funny, she also had her sweatpants rolled up so they wouldn’t get wet! Wonder if she knows Peanut?

She Knows Me Too Well

So Peanut had a fun day and spent the afternoon shopping at a large mall with a couple friends. Bird had a fun day playing at his friend’s house. I thought I had a fun day doing next to nothing reading, coloring and playing solitaire on my Kindle, but now I realized I forgot to get the wine out and celebrate a quiet house so I didn’t have as much fun as I could have!!!

Anyway.  😛

Peanut comes home and tells me everything she bought and excitedly tells me she got shorts buy one get one free for $40!!! She was not too impressed when I said that’s a common trick to make them more expensive but you are actually paying the regular price for two then. “OMG MOM YOU DON’T KNOW FASHION!!!” 


So then she proceeds to show me what she got. And it was interesting in that each item became shorter, tighter, and more revealing as she got closer to the end of the items! And also interesting was that before I could say Oh HELL no she quickly informed me,  “OMG MOM!  IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE LIKE THIS YOU WEAR A TANK TOP UNDER IT OR A JACKET OVER IT!!!  ALL THE KIDS WEAR IT LIKE THIS!!!!”

So I guess it’s good she knows what I am going to say when and knows how to work it so I am not upset immediately. Maybe I should tell her next time wait to show me until after I had some wine. 

Your Enjoyment of Life has Expired!

One year and almost 2 months of teenage hell done, only 5 million more to go! I seem to have written the same thing last year at this time! She hasn’t been home long enough for me to have new material,  so that’s why I have been “quiet.” Hey, she blames me or Bird for everything, and this is my blog so of course it’s not MY fault!

Anyway. You know you missed me. 😛

A few weeks ago the G’s traveled to this crazy large sports arena “city” in a nearby town for Peanut’s volleyball tournament. As we were driving she actually talked to us! I know, I wondered if she forgot she was with her stupid, annoying, embarrassing parents! So she informs us that M’s boyfriend was coming to the game. M is also 14 so being like most stupid, annoying, normal parents, we said oh my 14 is too young to have a boyfriend!!!

Peanut did not agree. She said, “OMG MOM!” (because I was there so she must yell remember, and even though her father actually was more upset by this news, she replied to me) “NOW IS THE TIME TO ENJOY LIFE!!!!”

Oh. Well, I wish I had known there was an expiration date for enjoying life. Good thing I had Peanut to tell me my life has been unenjoyable for the last few years!  She is so good at clearing things up!


Nothing is Safe from Sibling Rivalry

The East Coast is bracing for our first significant snowfall. We were all just fine with the temperatures in the 60s last month so what the heck Mother Nature????

Anyway, in case you don’t have children, I need to tell you that no kids anywhere would be caught dead in any clothes that are cold weather appropriate! Especially winter coats because they are too bulky and hot and make them look uncool. Yes really. I can’t make this up.  Look outside if there are kids in your neighborhood and you will see the truth!

So yesterday it was 20 something degrees and felt like 20 below so naturally Peanut wears a light sweatshirt and no gloves. Because the sweatshirt matched her sneakers duh!

When she got home she called me and said, “OMG MOM!!! ONE OF MY FINGERTIPS IS WHITE AND NUMB!!!! AM I OK????”

I asked if it hurt and how long it had been like that and she said that it didn’t and not long.  I said well we will have to keep an eye on it but it’s probably just her hands got too cold from not wearing gloves and her body was probably telling her make it warm or she’d get frostbite. 

So then when Bird gets home Peanut tells him immediately she has frostbite! So then Bird calls me and says in his cute little boy voice, “uh Mommy? I was informed that Peanut has frostbite,  is that true????” and I swear he had a bit of a WTF tone!!! Look Lord, he isn’t even 10 yet,  I don’t need him to start with the Tween attitude yet OK????? Thanks!

So anyway,  I tell Bird, no she probably doesn’t have frostbite, I said she could get frostbite if she didn’t wear gloves!

He says Oh, good, because he didn’t want her to get a sticker from the doctor and he didn’t get one too. 

No God forbid, he wouldn’t want to miss out on a sticker. That wouldn’t be too cool. 

Peanut’s Ponderings

So today is Peanut’s 14th birthday, and I have no idea how that even happened because 1. I just brought her home yesterday and 2. I am not old enough to have a 14-year-old! 😛

So I was kicking around some ideas like warning you to get off the roads in 2018 since she will be driving, gulp, or being kinda sad sappy remembering my sweet baby that used to be happy to see me. But then I thought, it’s a blog about her,  maybe she would like to write something. And guess what, she did want to.  So WordPress world, I’d like to introduce my favorite daughter,  the Peanut of Yay! More Gray! 🙂 Minor edits the English Major in me couldn’t help, but her thoughts…..

This is Peanut and this is the awesomest thing ever I’m going to be old someday like that old guy from Up.  U know that movie.  Yeah well I’m fourteen today and I’m so excited to be with my friends and everybody AND I’M WRITING ON A Blog.  I really AM getting older cause I NEVER get to write on a blog. I have to say my birthday went pretty well a lot of people said happy birthday and I got Dairy Queen and pretty little liars five years forward is premiering on my birthday which has to be the best!  Plus this new series looks so cool it’s called Shadow hunters and it seems pretty cool.  Anyway back to the old guy from Up He’s kinda awesome cuz he’s hilariously grumpy and his house is pulled by balloons and I don’t really connect with him I just wanted to reference him cuz he’s like the only cartoon old guy I remember from all the movies I have seen in my fourteen years of life.  So shout out to the old guy (P. S.  Sorry I forgot his name I only remember his wife’s name was Ellie)  anyway he still has adventures as he’s getting older so I guess I hope my years as I get older I keep going on adventures and having fun.  So now that I’ve gone on about my birthday I want to say something to everyone who reads my mom’s blog. I must say she makes me quite dramatic BUT I’M A TEENAGER IT’S WHAT COMES WITH THE AGE.  Sorry mom u only have to deal with it for now.  Not much I can do.  I’ll try my hardest to be good but i guess I’ll come up with a saying since u think it’s pretty bad.  Let’s call it the TRAUMATIC TEENS.  Cuz u know…  I am a TEEN. I can’t even believe it.  Two years till I drive.  Four years till graduation.  Starting high school next year. As quoted by my mom only 36 YEARS till I can date.  Yes that’s right.  My parents are a little crazy.. I know.  But I guess I’ll have to convince them.  I mean I gotta say I pull off the lazy but outfit on the weekend so I might have guys after me soon and my messy crazy hair is pretty easy to pull people in too.  *sarcasm intended* Oh well I guess they’ll have to be convinced.  I’m sure you’ll hear about that from my mom. 

So let me tell you 10 things about myself since I’m writing this right now and it’s pretty fun. 

1. I LOVE donuts they are so amazing shoutout to maple donuts.  I remember when I was younger every Friday we got a coupon from the newspaper for maple donuts and my dad would drive through the drive thru on the way to daycare in the morning and me and “Bird” as I was informed he goes by would chant DONUTS DONUTS until my dad each handed us our six donut holes.  Two chocolate two glaze for me and five chocolate one glaze for Bird. 

2.  I recently fell in love again with One Direction.  I mean Harry Styles is so darn cute and Louis Tomlinson is the perfect one and totally flawless.  Then there’s Niall who will never change and Liam who now has facial hair but is just the romantic and adorable one.  Shoutout to them too. Their new album Made in the AM is amazing.

3. I love Aeropostale and Hollister the most however bath and body Works is SO ADDICTING their scents are amazing and the sanitizers are cheap so I buy like five each time… Oops.

4. My favorite movie of 2015 was every one I’ve ever seen last year.  I love every one and they’re all so amazing I can’t pick.

5. Furbaby G is my favorite little furry fatties ever.  He’s so darn cute.  He’s all muscle but I call him anything from (and don’t judge)  fatty wop,  fatty,  fatty babes,  and about 100 other names.

6. My favorite disney movie is probably Belle from beauty and the beast she’s so sweet and pretty and kinda resembles me with hair color and eyes and stuff.  She’s pretty cool and gentle with beast.  They’re couple goals. I ship them(in case you’re like my mom and don’t understand it means they look cute together and I agree they should date.)

7. Even though I’m 14 I wish I still had time to do webkinz or Barbie or something cuz I’m growing up too fast and I still love those as an inner child and I miss it. 

8. My current favorite color is mint Green but I’m sure I’ll change my mind by like next week I love most colors anyway so it doesn’t matter.

9. I have some major issues with the sound of stryofoam, nail files,  chalkboards, nails on paper, etc.  I can’t go on its making me cringe I don’t understand how people can make those horrendous sounds and not almost kill their ears. I want to go deaf everytime.

10. I LOVE food.  I love chips, ice cream, soda, cake, pasta, spaghetti, APPLESAUCE, frozen strawberries, broccoli, potatoes, corn, chex mix, basically any food that tastes good.
So that’s my life story(JK😂😛)  BUT THAT’S MORE ABOUT ME!! I’m “Peanut”  and like Looney tunes would close…  That’s All Folks!  Have a nice night everyone and enjoy growing older till up the old man from Up that everyone should strive to be.
– The Famous PEANUT😘💕👋

So Beary Obvious

Bird likes a cartoon on the Cartoon Network called We Bare Bears. It’s about three bear brothers who talk and go out into the world and interact with humans.  Perfectly believable!  Sometimes they even have jobs like helping people place an order with customized cupcake vending machines!  That actually sounds like a pretty cool idea but I digress. 

So the cartoon isn’t too bad per today’s cartoon standards, though it’s not Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner or so I have heard since I am not old enough to remember the great cartoons!  Ahem!

Boy lots of shiny objects today on this end of year eve eve!!!! 😛

Anyway.  So the only thing that bothers me about the talking bears that go into the human world with no problems is that one is a grizzly bear, one is a panda bear, and one is a polar bear!

So yesterday I asked Bird if they were friends. He says no they are brothers! So I say Oh well they are all different kinds of bears! How can they be brothers? Because you know parents don’t have a clue what is going on in the world,  even if it is a cartoon world with talking bears!

Then Peanut stated the obvious with OMG MOM! DIFFERENT DADS!!!!

Oh. How Beary obvious. Being able to make a pun slightly makes up for the fact that Peanut knows what having different fathers means.

I need a cupcake.  Know any talking bears that can help me with the vending machine? Or maybe a coyote that knows how to order stuff?

That’s Why I Had Kids

There’s a joke that you have kids to shovel snow for you.  Well since it is currently looking like East Coasters will not have the need for shovels this year with Temps in the 60s in December, I had to find another reason why I had kids. 

I was talking to myself wondering if I had taken a shower last night or Sunday night. Peanut so gently told me OMG MOM! IF YOU CAN’T REMEMBER IT WASN’T LAST NIGHT!!!!!

If I had kids to state the obvious to me,  I am not sure what was in it for me.  Maybe if I take a shower I will remember the real reason why I had kids.

At Least It Wasn’t the F Word

Peanut got a flu shot last week. As we walked to the car she asked me to take a picture of her bandaid. I asked why as most parents would, and she rolled her eyes like all teenagers do at the stupidity of their parents, and said, “OMG MOM! TO PUT IT ON SNAPCHAT!!!!”

So naturally I forgot that every takeout bag, every candy wrapper, and every item she sees everyday must be randomly but cutely placed in places they don’t belong and photographed and posted on social media and I asked what on earth for???? Though it was a sparkly bandaid, I didn’t think it was photo worthy.

“OMG MOM!!! SO MY FRIENDS KNOW WHAT I AM DOING!!! TO DOCUMENT MY LIFE!!! IF IT’S NOT ON SNAPCHAT IT DIDN’T HAPPEN!!!” Which honestly made me quite proud since scrapbookers say the same thing talking about their scrapbooks!!! But I digress.

So she hands me the phone and tells me what to do to take the picture because I am stupid remember and poses with her arm properly jutted though her sleeve is covering the bandaid. I tell her this and she says, “OH SHIT!” I looked at her with my eyebrows raised and she gasps and covers her mouth and whispers “OMG! I’m so sorry mom!!! I swear I didn’t mean to, it just slipped out, but I’ve heard much worse at school!” (Because stupid parents forgive easier knowing their children aren’t the worst offenders!)

I was in shock that she didn’t yell at me like she usually does and actually took responsibility for something! Still glad it wasn’t the F word though, I’m not quite ready to hear that coming out of her mouth or stupid enough to believe there is anything worse!

Church Service Starting Sometime Soon

Last night at 11 Peanut asked if she could go to church with her friend. I said, “Kinda short notice but I guess so. What time is the service?”

Peanut replied that she didn’t know.

Say what now? I asked her how is she supposed to know what time to get up if she doesn’t know when she needs to be there?

She looked at me like I am the stupidest person on the planet and said, “It’s sometime tomorrow. Friend will text me to wake me up.”

Oh. Well I’m glad she cleared that up. Guess if there isn’t an actual start time she won’t be late.