What’s Wrong with My Style????

Even though I’ve heard that it’s difficult to land jobs on elance and that they don’t pay well, I created an account because a lot of the jobs sound interesting and would be easy peasy for me. I apply to a few a week, and have gotten a dozen or so private invitations to submit a proposal. Most of the time the jobs that I’m invited to aren’t a good fit because they require a quick turnaround or need too many per day or week and I just can’t commit to that with a full-time job.

So I found an ad that required researching and writing blogs about medical topics. Ok, I have zero medical knowledge, but I figured well you never know, and if I don’t try I’ll never know if I could have won it. Plus I figured that I’m researching and writing articles for an environmental engineering firm which is a little different from my background so what’s the difference?

It wasn’t more than a day or two and I got a response that my proposal was rejected because the client wants a different style. At first I was like oh ok, it’s a nice way of saying, “Well you have zero medical experience and you’re new to elance so we don’t want to take a chance on you.” But then it made me mad because what’s wrong with my style that they won’t even ask me to try to write the way they want it written? Don’t they see I write this blog this way and the engineering and clothing blog in other completely different ways just because it’s what makes sense for each of them, and that I can write their blog the way they want? I write boring proposals all day, why can’t I write them at night too?

I mean isn’t that the point of writing, to change your voice/style to fit the topic and/or intended audience? Isn’t the point to draw people in and keep them with you with just your words and the pictures that your words make in their minds?

I’m probably better off not having this particular client. And since there will be other rejections, I’m telling myself that I will not take it personally. I’ll just keep writing for those who DO like my style and for those that don’t, whatever, there will be other opportunities to get my writing out there.