Your Enjoyment of Life has Expired!

One year and almost 2 months of teenage hell done, only 5 million more to go! I seem to have written the same thing last year at this time! She hasn’t been home long enough for me to have new material,  so that’s why I have been “quiet.” Hey, she blames me or Bird for everything, and this is my blog so of course it’s not MY fault!

Anyway. You know you missed me. 😛

A few weeks ago the G’s traveled to this crazy large sports arena “city” in a nearby town for Peanut’s volleyball tournament. As we were driving she actually talked to us! I know, I wondered if she forgot she was with her stupid, annoying, embarrassing parents! So she informs us that M’s boyfriend was coming to the game. M is also 14 so being like most stupid, annoying, normal parents, we said oh my 14 is too young to have a boyfriend!!!

Peanut did not agree. She said, “OMG MOM!” (because I was there so she must yell remember, and even though her father actually was more upset by this news, she replied to me) “NOW IS THE TIME TO ENJOY LIFE!!!!”

Oh. Well, I wish I had known there was an expiration date for enjoying life. Good thing I had Peanut to tell me my life has been unenjoyable for the last few years!  She is so good at clearing things up!